Kata Collection Flash Drive

Kata Collection Flash Drive

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Over 18 hours of content - 28 Full length DVD's reveal an in-depth study of classical Japanese/Okinawan kata (forms).  Including advanced bunkai (application) with drills, combat strategies and concepts - striking, throwing, distancing, timing and more...

28 Titles:


Bunkai Another Look

Dan Enn Sho


Enn no Gyo


Jo #1

Jo #2

Juni Ippo

Juni Ippo #2

Kata - The Why of Kata

Kata Another Look

Kata no Michi #1 - Kata of Kosho Ryu

Kata No Michi #2 - Concepts and Principles

Kata no Michi #3 Honored Forms of Kempo

Kusanku - Sho and Dai

Nai han no

Naihanchi 1-3


Passai - Sho and Dai

Pinan 1-5

Pinan 1-5 #2

Shu do So

Miyama - Three Mountain #1

Miyama - Three Mountain #2

Miyama - Three Mountain #3

Miyama - Three Mountain Look Again #1

Why Kata?

Develop multi-dimensional drills from your forms. Unlock the hidden techniques in traditional forms.

Learn how to manipulate your opponent into a helpless state and do massive damage with with ease.

Learn how to "Freeze" your opponent with proper triangulation and timing.